Why Do We Have Gender Stereotypes

By Pranavi Vedula, USA

To answer that question, we have to know what a Gender Stereotype is. A Gender Stereotype is over generalized opinions about groups by gender. When a child is born he or she is expected to behave in ways that the society likes and approves.

The behavior a child follows is based on what the society thinks is right and wrong, and culture. There are positive connotations and negative connotations. A positive connotation might be that Women are better caretakers than Men, but these are overgeneralized opinions and are not necessarily true. A negative stereotype may be disguised, but they are not good at all. These ideas may start at Women "supposed to like pink"and" Men supposed to like blue". But both types, positive or negative, are very bad. They effect the way we live, act, and think. We should not have Gender Stereotypes define the role Women and Men play in our soci ety. Now back to our question, we have Gender Stereotypes to define our behavior and role in the society and world. This cruel discrimination is growing more and more in our daily lives. But just because it is in our world so much doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything about. It's like fire, when you fuel it, it will keep on burning and raging. We should pour water over those fiery flames and stop this harsh discrimination we face because of our gender. We are individual people and our role in society should not be determined by our gender. Just because I'm a girl and you're a boy doesn't mean we are different. I can do the same things you can, and you can do the same things I can.