Gautam Ramesh

Editor in Chief

Gautam, 15, is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. His interests include writing, programming, physics, music composition and sports. He believes that all children have a right to voice their opinion. In this spirit, he founded World Youth Voices, which he designed and programmed as a forum to bring the world's youth together. He is also an avid composer and has won several awards for composition including the Most Promising Young Composer award from Orchestra of Our Time, NY. He is also the youth coordinator and web site manager for Jardin d'Enfants Enchantes, a musical and artistic intervention that will be simultaneously performed in 5 different countries as a tribute to children's voices for World Peace.

Vasisht Balaji Srinivasan

Managing Editor, India Representative

Vasisht is a student of Grade 9 of Arsha Vidya Mandir in Chennai. He is interested in many things, some of them being cricket, swimming, soccer, basketball and debating. His favourite cricket team is India and his favourite soccer team is FC Barcelona. He watches the NBA as well and he supports both the Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors. Vasisht is very excited to be part of this team and he looks forward to contributing a lot more towards World Youth Voices.

Hugh Brophy

Managing Editor, England Representative

Hugh currently lives in London, England but in the past has lived in U.S.A, Sweden and Wales. He enjoys sci fi, particularly Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman. His favourite subjects are history and biology and he is a keen water polo and basketball player.

Shreenidhi Venkataraman

Managing Editor, New Jersey Representative

Shreenidhi Venkataraman is a native of South Jersey and goes to school in the "Township". She loves reading and listening to music. While training in classical, her tastes run far wider - from The Weekend to Troye Sivan. True to her Indian heritage, she is training in Bharatanatyam - a classical Indian dance. Her hero is Nelson Mandela. She wants to emulate him and help people, especially those who can't help themselves. She believes that the best way to do that is through raising awareness and empathy, through exchange of ideas and opinions, especially among different cultures. This is why she is now serving as an editor for World Youth Voices.

Tejas Iyer

Managing Editor

Tejas, 15, is a high school sophomore. He active in clubs and loves to play sports. His favorite sports are basketball, soccer, track, and lacrosse. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up and have aspirations for being a radiologist.

Samyukta Kumaran

Managing Editor

A 9th grader avidly interested sciences, arts, and is a dancer and musician of many instruments. She enjoys to spend her free time reading, and working for school.